What is counter service?

Counter service is a type of ordering system at restaurants where diners will place all orders @ The Counter under the “Order Here” sign.

Do you have healthy options?

Absolutely! In fact, we might have some of the healthiest options around. From fresh farm eggs to eggwhite scramblers, from house ground local beef burgers to turkey burger, from salads to soups and so many more, we value having healthy options.

Do you have gluten-free options?

Although we don’t have a gluten-free menu or gluten free bread, our chef’s are very good @ accommodating.

Do you have vegan options?

We have several vegan options on our weekday menu. On our weekend menu, which changes every weekend, we try to always have at least 1 vegan option. However, if you do not see anything vegan, please let us know! Our chef’s are very good @ accommodating.

Do you serve breakfast all day?

Yes! There are a couple of options that stop at 11a during the weekdays such as our pancakes, burritos & omelettes. However, if we aren’t too busy and our chef’s are able to make these for you after 11, they will! Just ask.

What is a Modern Diner?

We have taken the concept of diner and matched it with modern expectations of cuisine: Fresh, local ingredients with beautiful menu items that are constantly changing.

What is farm-to-fork?

Exactly what it sounds like! Our food is from our local farmers to your fork! This includes local vegetables, local eggs, local beef, local chicken, local pork, local bread, local honey, local beer & pretty much everything else we can get locally, we will bring it to your fork in fun, unconventional ways!