Our Weekday MenU

Tuesday-Friday, 7 am - 2 pm


Breakfast Sampler: scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese grits, #browns, fresh fruit & biscuit $13

Biscuits & Gravy: buttermilk biscuits & house sausage gravy topped w/ two sunny up eggs $11

Breakfast Sandwich: bacon, fried egg & cheddar on a biscuit served w/ #browns $9.50

The Corner Poutine: home fries, cheese curds, brown gravy. Add egg (+2), chicken (+4), beef patty (+5) $10

Chicken-N-Waffle: waffle & house fried chicken topped w/ berries $14

Avocado Toast: rustic wheat, avocado, roasted squash, cucumber, tomato, feta, fried egg. Served w/ berries

Hot Chicken & Waffle: Waffle & house fried chicken, house sausage gravy, cheddar & house hot sauce $15

Omelete: bacon, sausage, bell peppers, onions, arugula, cheddar. Served with sliced tomatoes $13

Cowboy Breakfast: buttermilk biscuits, house-ground sausage gravy, fried chicken & a sunny up egg $14

Canadian Bacon Grit Bowl: cheese grits, canadian bacon, arugula, sunflower seeds, avocado, tomato jam, mustard seed honey & a fried egg $15

Summer Dutchman Burrito (7-11am only): scrambled eggs, sausage, avocado, cheddar, peppers, onions & pimento cheese. Served with home fries & salsa $14

Parfait: Lemon-ginger greek yogurt, fruit, granola, biscuit croutons, mint kumquat glaze $9

Vegan “Toast”: squash toast, arugula, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, sunflower seeds, tomato jam $14

Power Bowl: (7-11am only): egg whites, turkey, arugula, squash, tomatoes, feta, avocado, sunflower seeds, bee pollen, mustard seed honey $14

Pancakes (7-11am only): House pancakes topped w/ berries & served w/ bacon $13

Blackberry Fig Toast: rustic wheat, blackberry fig jam, ricotta, spiced pecans, honey, bee pollen. Served w/ berries $13

Herb Cream Cheese Toast: rustic wheat, herb cream cheese, tomato jam, arugula, roasted squash, spiced pecans, avocado & charred green garlic aioli. Served w/ berries $14


Burgers & Sandwiches

Corner Classic Hamburger: House burger w/ lettuce, onions, pickles. Add cheese (+1). Served w/ home fries $12

Turkey Avocado Wrap: bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, avocado $13

BBQ Burger Burger: bacon, pimento cheese, tomato, peach & jalapeno bbq $15

Fried Bologna Sandwich: pimento cheese, bacon, tomato $10

Turkey Burger: bacon, arugula, mozzarella, avocado, tomato jam & charred green garlic aioli $14

Fried Chicken Wrap: bacon, lettuce, tomato, pimento cheese $13

Blackberry & Fig Jam Burger: bacon, blue cheese, blackberry & fig jam, mustard seed honey $15

Summer Grilled Cheese: mozzarella, blue cheese, cheddar, blackberry fig jam, mustard seed honey $12

Veggie Sandwich: herb cream cheese, arugula, cucumber, roasted squash, avocado, tomato jam $13


Salads & Soups

Riverside: mixed greens, turkey, feta, fresh berries, granola, avocado, maple vinaigrette $14

Tossed Arugula & Bacon Salad: arugula, blue cheese, canadian bacon, roasted squash, avocado, spiced pecans, jalapeno cheddar croutons, white balsamic and peach vinaigrette $15

Summer Fried Chicken Salad: mixed greens, fried chicken, cucumber, tomato, cheddar, sunflower seeds, jalapeño cheddar croutons, ranch $14

Housemade Soup: cup $5/bowl $8


Kid's Corner

Rise & Shine: 1 egg scrambled, 1 slice of bacon & a buttermilk biscuit $6

Waffle: house waffle topped w/ berries $8

House Chicken Tenders served w/ home fries $7

Grilled Cheese served w/ home fries $6

Pennycakes (7-11 only): house pancakes topped w/ fruit served w/ maple syrup & a slice of bacon $7


Sides & Sweets

Home fries $3

Veggies & ranch $4

Pimento cheese & veggies $5

Biscuit & house sausage gravy $5

Fruit $3

Cheese grits $3

Side salad $5

Bacon $3, sausage $4, turkey $4, bologna $3.50, canadian bacon $6

Sausage gravy $3

Toast w/ house jam $3

Poutine gravy $2.5

Pancake (7-11 only) $6

Pastries & Desserts varies


Brunch Bubbles

Beer & Wine varies

Mason Jar Mimosa: Mason jar of prosecco & fresh orange juice $9

Brewmosa: Lost Forty Day Drinker, fresh orange juice, orange slice $7

Bloody Brew: beer & bloody mary mix $8



Bottomless Coffee $2.50

Milk $2

Soda Fountain or Iced Tea $2

Hot Tea $3

Hot Chocolate $4

Apple Juice $3

Fresh Orange Juice $3

Cranberry Juice $3